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Get ready!

Hey Hey Hey! 

Who's ready to party?

We certainly are! The UKs best Tribute show is coming to a town near you to give you some ninties nostalgia and and give you the ultimate throwback night out!

So Quit Playing Games and be sure to get your tickets so it doesn't Tear Up Your Heart to miss it! We dont wanna give to much away of what you can expect, but lets just say... you'll be begging us to Stay Another Day...

We’ve got 5 nineties loving lads who all bring something a little different to the party and we’re so excited to get going. All being huge boyband fans ourselves and growing up with this music, we can’t wait to bring the 90s back across the UK!

With rehearsals in full swing, we are perfecting our noughties dance moves you will all know and love. We'll be expecting every one of you up on your feet and singing along to your favourite boyband tunes.

We will be kicking off our Uk theatre tour in The New Theate, Peterborough! Tickets availble here!

in the mean time.. here are some nostalgic 90s facts to get you in the mood! 

Did you know that...

  • Over 61 MILLION people were using pagers by 1994!
  • Over 76 million tamagochis were sold in the 90s
  • The Bucket hat in australia is known as a giggle hat
  • The famous roar of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park was actually made by slowing down the noise of a Jack Russell Terrier playing with a rope! 

Anyway..PLENTY more where that came from on tour. See ya there for a night with Britains best Boyband tribute! But for now..